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Welcome To Wichita Wagyu

Your Connection to Food Your Can Trust

Established in 2023 – our purpose is to connect people with and to educate them about ethical, artisan farmers who provide high quality products that can be trusted.

Wagyu Farms

Wagyu farmers that we trust to deliver only the best.

Dewey Ranch Wagyu

Founded by Brian & Morgan Dewey, Dewey Ranch aims to provide high quality, farm-to-table beef to everyone

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Gypsum Valley Wagyu

A family ranch located in the fertile lands of Gypsum Valley, just outside of Salina, Kansas.

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Howard Wagyu

Raised on family farms right in Saline and Dickinson County, Howard Wagyu is serving Wagyu beef with the highest quality and excellence.

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KCK Farms

A 4th Generation family farm in south-central Kansas, KCK Farms is committed to the stewardship of the land animals.

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Oklahoma Wagyu

A family ranch located in northeastern Oklahoma, their goal is to naturally and humanely raise the best beef possible.

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SSE Land & Cattle Co

A 4th generation family farm outside of Newton, KS, they provide a unique farm to fork experience for your family by offering home grown, highly marbled Wagyu and Wagyu x Angus hybrid beef.

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Wheat State Wagyu

Raised in Kansas with generations of quality breeding, Wheat State Wagyu beef is unmatched in richness and flavor.

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Oklahoma Wagyu

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SSE Land & Cattle Co

KC Strip SSE


Dewey Ranch Wagyu

Filet DR


Wheat State Wagyu

Ribeye WS


Let's Dig In

Monthly Feature

Wichita Wagyu T-Bone is what’s for dinner. This section could feature tips on how to grill, season and suggest the perfect pairing for cuts of meat. Or, a recipe, etc.

Our Values

Quality Sourced

Discover quality wagyu, chicken, pork, and lamb from farms that you can trust. The flavor will speak for itself!

Passionate People

We are passionate about connecting our community with options that give you and your family an eating experience that you won’t forget.

Customer Approved

Judged by people just like you, our products have earned rave reviews for their outstanding taste and unmatched quality.


What Our Customers Say

Some of the best steaks I have ever had. Very reasonable prices for wagyu. Clay is awesome to always deal with.

Emma Shepard

Some of the best steaks I have ever had. Very reasonable prices for wagyu bought a variety go steaks, some hamburger patties, and hotdogs from Wichita Wagyu. Gave a couple steaks away as Christmas gifts. It was all amazing! Would recommend them to anyone I know for some awesome wagyu..Clay is awesome to always deal with

Michael Vo

Bought a brisket, best dang one have had in a very long time. Also bought a ribeye and a filet, man you could cut them with a butter knife. Highly recommend them.

Alan Grossman

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