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About Us

Our Story

Founded in 2023 by Clay and Barb Hoberecht, Wichita Wagyu is a testament to their passion for quality and community.

Born and raised in the heart of Kansas, Clay and Barb have always had a deep appreciation for the art of farming and the joy of providing premium, locally-sourced Wagyu beef to their neighbors. With a commitment to ethical ranching and a hands-on approach, they ensure every cut of Wagyu beef from Wichita Wagyu is as remarkable as the care that goes into raising it.

Quality Sourced

Discover the rich, full flavor of our Wagyu steaks, sourced directly from the heartland's most trusted, ethical ranches.

Passionate People

Our team, deeply rooted in tradition and expertise, passionately crafts each Wagyu steak to perfection, ensuring a top-notch experience every time.

Customer Approved

Judged by folks like you, our Wagyu steaks have earned rave reviews for their outstanding taste and unmatched quality.

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