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Your Farms

The farms we source our products from do not use any steroids, antibiotic, hormones, or preservatives during the raising or packaging of products for Wichita Wagyu.

Dewey Ranch Wagyu

Founded by Brian & Morgan Dewey, Dewey Ranch aims to provide high quality, farm-to-table beef to everyone.

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Gypsum Valley Wagyu

A family ranch located in the fertile lands of Gypsum Valley, just outside of Salina, Kansas.

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Howard Wagyu

Raised on family farms right in Saline and Dickinson County, Howard Wagyu is serving Wagyu beef with the highest quality and excellence.

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KCK Farms

A 4th Generation family farm in south-central Kansas, KCK Farms is committed to the stewardship of the land animals.

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Oklahoma Wagyu

A family ranch located in northeastern Oklahoma, their goal is to naturally and humanely raise the best beef possible.

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SSE Land & Cattle Co

A 4th generation family farm outside of Newton, KS, they provide a unique farm to fork experience for your family by offering home grown, highly marbled Wagyu and Wagyu x Angus hybrid beef.

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Wheat State Wagyu

Raised in Kansas with generations of quality breeding, Wheat State Wagyu beef is unmatched in richness and flavor.

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